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Tyracats Estates Ltd is a company that was born out of the urgent need to provide real Real Estate solutions to the public. Research revealed that in Uganda and most African countries, less than 5% of the population can afford to own their own homes largely because of low incomes, and falling below the margins required to qualify for financing through mortgages and other avenues. An almost equivalent percentage consistently struggles with affording and making timely rent payments in houses suitably sized and located for their workplaces.

The price commonly charged for construction in real estate is also much higher than what most people can afford, and yet with a shift in paradigm and the application of proper technology and cost saving mechanisms, it is possible, profitable and sustainable to provide affordable construction, which is also the cornerstone to providing the much needed affordable housing. Solving these problems is thus the foundation upon which Tyracats Estates Ltd was formed, and the fuel and inspiration that keeps it running.

Our Calling

Our calling is to enhance the transformation of the Real Estate industry in Uganda and Africa as a whole, by making construction, home and property ownership and rent more affordable and hence more profitable and sustainable.

 Our Destiny

We are destined to consistently be among the top 3 companies credited for providing and enabling affordable, sustainable and profitable ownership and occupancy of Real Estate in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

 What we Believe

  1. The cost of construction in Real Estate can be made much lower than it currently is, while maintaining quality, strength, beauty and integrity with every project.
  2. Creative and synergistic financing solutions are possible to make the rent and ownership of Real Estate cheaper.

Our Goals

  1. We shall build sustainable cities in Uganda and Across Africa
  2. We shall build self-sufficient estate communities
  3. We shall build many Affordable Housing units
  4. We shall help people access affordable Housing Finance

Our Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Discretion and confidentiality in our transactions
  3. Affordability
  4. Diligence and attention to detail

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