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We provide quality, affordable and durable construction of Real Estate. We also help our clients in realizing the different options available to them for financing the construction projects. We have a team of Architects, Engineers and builders that do the actual building of the house. 


The price commonly charged for construction in real estate is also much higher than what most people can afford, and yet with a shift in paradigm and the application of proper technology and cost saving mechanisms, it is possible, profitable and sustainable to provide affordable construction, which is also the cornerstone to providing the much needed affordable housing. Solving these problems is thus the foundation upon which Tyracats Estates Ltd was formed, and the fuel and inspiration that keeps it running.


We believe together we make our clients' housing dreams a reality.

Investment Consultancy

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Property Development

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Property Consultancy

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Property Brokerage

We link buyers and sellers of Real Estate quickly and honestly in transactions mutually profitable ....



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